Celery? Really?

After giving 19 – yup, 19 –  vials of blood, to the lovely phlebotomist at my doctor’s office, it was determined that I have food sensitivities to the following:
Sweet potatoes
Green beans
Goats milk
Cows milk
Whole egg
My initial reaction was celery, who the F can’t eat celery? It’s like 97% water.  Then I had the stark realization that with no gluten, dairy, beef or eggs my eating options are severely limited. Surviving without celery, kiwi, peaches, green beans, goats milk (who drinks goats milk anyway?) and bananas (although they do make nice additions to my smoothies) doesn’t seem remotely trying.  
However, some of these others….UGH!  Prior to this phone call from my doctor, I had either yogurt with honey and almonds or a sweet potato hash with onions, garlic and a fried egg every morning for breakfast.  My entire way of eating needs to be rethought. This is no easy task for someone who loves to eat and who has recently become addicted to the Food Network and Chopped.
Folks keep telling me I will lose weight and feel better.  Cah-learly I will lose weight as there is not a lot left for me to eat that isn’t healthy….I am on week 2 of this and have yet to feel any differently but I shall keep on.  My follow up doctors appointment is in 3 weeks.  I can survive this for three more weeks, right?